A Brief Statement of My Poetics

Poetry is the only means I have of saying anything positive about the world.

Prose quite naturally leads me to preoccupation with the shortcomings and inanities inherent in the mainstream culture, which drag down the human spirit.

When writing prose, there is a need to observe certain trappings of logic, and the endless qualifications that must be observed in doing so ultimately lead to a cutting up of the whole into mincing and meaningless parts. Poetry for me always embodies the attempt to speak to the whole of what I take on as my subject.

My poetry is crafted through visual imagery, which is important in my attempt to offer hymns of praise to the natural world. That the natural world exists at all is a miracle. That human beings are able to observe and express their response to the world in art and in poetry is also nothing short of a miracle. By miracle I mean unending and ineffable wonder.

My poetry is also crafted in such a way as to provide conversational emphasis, as the recitation of a poem is its lifeblood. I make ample use of alliteration to enhance a poem’s aural qualities.

Robert M. Giannetti


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