Bob Giannetti in front of Bob's Olde Bookstore

Bob Giannetti in front of Bob’s Olde Bookstore in Lewiston, New York

Lewiston man honored at
an Eastern Europe festival

Niagara Gazette article by Michele Deluca, December 1, 2009

To the unaware he is just Bob, the guy who runs the book store on Center Street in Lewiston. Certainly, the store, Bob’s Olde Books, is considered a great book store, home to carefully preserved old books with gilt edges, etched leather covers and hand-sewn bindings. Some of the books he has are hundreds of years old. But the people who pass the store, and even those who stop in for a look, might never know that he is also Robert M. Giannetti, a poet who was recently invited to a summit in Poland, where he was an esteemed American guest feted by mayors and citizens in town halls and libraries.

They also might not know that this is a guy who made his own dreams come true, surrounding himself with the words of writers and thinkers from preceding age, in a business that allows him the luxury of time to join them and do the writing he put aside for much of his adult life. The act of faith that drew him to open his own store in 2003, was partly responsible for giving him the space to create. That led to the acclaim he recently received in a land far away. His face graces the back cover of a respected poetry anthology, edited by Polish writer Dariusz Tomasz Lebioda, who included a lengthy critical essay of the Lewiston poet’s work. Reading the review gives us a look into both the poet and the reviewer.

“Especially in America where people are isolated, living widely apart in detached houses, there is a strong need for dialogue with one’s inner self,” the reviewer wrote, adding, “he is an American, but he is primarily a citizen of the planet.”

As such, it seems fitting that Giannetti has surrounded himself with ancient texts and words from the world’s writing masters, from Bunyan’s “Pilgrim’s Progress” to Sinclair Lewis’ “Babbitt.”

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